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Russell-Zuhl Holyoke Petrified Wood Collection

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The Russell-Zuhl Company at is the premier petrified wood dealer in the world. Based out of Holyoke, MA Ralph Thompson has been cutting and polishing the largest and most beautiful wood from Arizona, Oregon, and Washington. All collected and prepared in the United States, Ralph’s techniques have been honed and perfected over the last 29 years making him a “one of a kind sort’a thang.”

2 thoughts on “Russell-Zuhl Holyoke Petrified Wood Collection

  1. Hi Russell, I SO loved watched your video about your amazing work. At the end I was wondering, do you have someone who uses your leftovers to make jewelry? I would love a piece of jewelry made from an old Oak. Just a thought. Your work is SO incredible and beautiful. Thank you for making my day. Hats off to you for a career in such a fun area of interests. LadyBrio

  2. I saw a video of Mr. Thompson’s work on YouTube and was very impressed. The stone slabs are absolutely beautiful and the results of polishing well worth the deep beauty of the finished product. I have long been a fan of the various worked and finished forms of Silica Dioxide (the major mineral forming quartz, petrified wood, jasper, agate, and opal). I am thrilled to have been able to view some of Mr Thompson’s work.

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