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Russell-Zuhl Holyoke Petrified Wood Collection

Posted On March 5, 2017 at 1:01 am by / 2 Comments

The Russell-Zuhl Company at is the premier petrified wood dealer in the world. Based out of Holyoke, MA Ralph Thompson has been cutting and polishing the largest and most beautiful wood from Arizona, Oregon, and Washington. All collected and prepared in the United States, Ralph’s techniques have been honed and perfected over the last 29 years making him a “one of a kind sort’a thang.”

2 thoughts on “Russell-Zuhl Holyoke Petrified Wood Collection

  1. I would like to purchase some small unpolished samples in the future. I will be in the Holyoke area from December 18-January 8. Please provide me with a name and telephone number for contact.

    1. Hi Dr Adamski,
      Sorry I did not see and respond to this comment sooner. A huge oversight on my part, As you can realize this is not a very active business category,and I only have email notifications for sales turned on, but I will be sure to never miss a Comment again, Thank You.

      What is it that you would be looking for?
      ie: Rainbow wood, Grain & Bark specimens Branches, Agate
      Volume? Just meet and buy a box of wood?


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